Windows, how to retrieve the product key?

Windows is an operating system with a product key in order to activate it. Type alphanumeric and unique, it allows to be sure you have a genuine version. She’s on a label inside of the box is present on the CPU.

windows 7 product key free

It happens that this key be lost and without a backup (digital, on paper), it is not easy to find in the maze of Windows. It is possible to spend some time on the Web to find a manual solution, asking acquaintances or opt for a good solution more simple and fast. Just download a small free utility called ShowKeyPlus. He proposes to do the work for you and especially requires no installation.

ShowKeyPlus, windows 7 product key generator
ShowKeyPlus is a useful and free system utility. It works on Windows 10, 8 / 7 and 8.1. His goal is to quickly retrieve several information around the bone like the installed version, the ID of the product, the license key or the key OEM according to the case.

All these information are available at the opening of the application in a single window. It is not possible to copy data to Clipboard but a backup (Save button) allows to do it in a file named default text ‘Windows Key.txt’.

If you have upgrade for free your PC to Windows 10 from a previous like Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 version,windows 7 ultimate product key, the software offers ‘the original serial number’ and product key deviate “a digital right”.

The “Retrieve Key from Backup” function to retrieve a key from a backup while “Check Product Key” offers to list the type of editing related to a windows 7 professional 64 bit product key.

ShowKeyPlus is a small utility to have on hand. It is simple, fast and effective.