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You copy and past serial key as below image:

Windows 7 Professional SP1 key

Windows 7 professional sp1 key is valid for both 32 and 64 bit windows 7 professional sp1 key makes the things you do every day easier. With fewer clicks, faster searching, easier browsing, and simpler ways to connect, there’s less between you and what you want to do. windows 7 professional sp1 key is designed to improve the performance of your PC, so it’s faster, more secure, and more reliable. PCs with windows 7 professional sp1 key simply work the way you want them to work.

System Requirements:

  • Processor: 1Ghz 64Bit Processor or better
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • HDD: 20 GB available
  • Graphics: DirectX9 Graphic or above
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Specification: Windows 7 Professional SP1 32-bit:

  • Platforms:Windows 7 (32 bit)
  • Version:6.1 (Build 7601)
  • Licence:Trial Software
  • Developer:Microsoft


If you’re a Windows 7 user looking to reinstall in the near future, save yourself a bucketful of time and get this now.Windows 7 is the most common operating system released after July 2009. If there is a problem with Windows 7 that is currently running on your system, and you want to repair or reinstall Windows, you need a Windows 7 product key or serial number.

Windows 7 Professional SP1 key

If you purchased a retail copy of Windows 7, your installation CD may not be shipped with SP1.This means that if you want to reinstall Windows 7 later, you must reinstall the disc and then download all of these updates again, which is a time-consuming and frustrating process. There is another problem: if you want to perform a repair installation of windows 7 professional sp1 key by selecting “Upgrade ” version, usually to solve a major system problem, before doing so, you must first uninstall sp1–from your computer to waste more time and lose your hair. The answer is to get a copy of the Windows 7 installation CD that contains the Service Pack 1 update.

You can do this manually with a tool called RT seven, but another time-consuming, tedious, and-you guessed-can be frustrating. Alternatively, you can download a legitimate image of a Windows 7 CD with SP1 files. Just download the ISO file here and then, when prompted, double-click the file and eject a blank DVD to burn it to a disc. Once finished, boot from the CD to verify its work and label the disc accordingly. After you reinstall from scratch, you need the product key that came with your computer to activate Windows 7.

Windows 7 Professional SP1 key

Note that if you have a version of Windows preinstalled on your computer, this will not work correctly. Also make sure that you download the correct version of Windows 7, to meet your needs – to understand which version you need (family premium, professional, or Ultimate) and type (32-bit or 64-bit), click start , right-click computer , and then select Properties . This downloadable file is for windows 7 professional sp1 key 32-bit users.


  • A Windows 7 product key number can only be used to activate the same edition of Windows 7 that it was for, and cannot be used to activate a different edition of Windows 7.
  • A Family Pack Windows 7 product key number can be used to activate the Family Pack Windows 7 copy on up to 3 computers at any one time.
  • A OEM Windows 7 product key number can only be used to activate a OEM Windows 7 copy on the same computer that it was first activated on, and no other computer.
  • A retail Windows 7 product key number can be used to activate a retail Windows 7 copy on any computer, but only on up to one computer at any one time.

Windows 7 Professional SP1 key


A Product Key and Product ID are two completely different things, despite the similarity of the terms.The 20 character Product ID is created during the installation process and is prominently displayed under the Windows activation section at the bottom of the Control Panel (icons view) -> System window.

It is used to obtain/qualify for technical support from Microsoft; it is of no use during the installation process.The 25 character Product Key is used to “prove” ownership of a legitimate license and is required to perform the installation to activate windows 7 professional sp1 key with.

I hope you will find right Windows 7 Professional Activation Key for your computer. The Windows 7 product Key number is a 25-letter and numeric sequence that is divided into 5 groups of 5 characters (EX:XXXX-XXXX) to activate the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows 7 that you purchased and installed. This shows you how to find and view the product key number on the Windows 7 or retail or OEM product license key certificate (COA) label.

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